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What is regenerative medicine?

Regenerative medicine in Stuart is the process of repairing, replacing, regenerating, or engineering human cells, tissues, and organs to establish or restore their normal function. This is an all-natural, non-surgical treatment used to treat a range of different injuries and degenerative conditions. Our clinic provides regenerative treatments through the injection of young, healthy tissue that contains essential healing components like natural growth factors, cytokines, mesenchymal cells, exosomes, and extracellular matrix.

How Regenerative Medicine Works in Stuart

The regenerative medicine we practice at our clinic relies on injecting youthful cells and tissue from donated umbilical cords after a successful cesarean section. These cells are derived from the Wharton’s jelly inside the cord, and they contain a range of impressive healing factors that are exclusive to cells at this stage of maturity. Both the mother and baby are monitored to ensure the cells we extract are of the highest quality, and since they haven’t developed their own immune system yet, there is almost zero chance of rejection.

Cells collected from young, healthy tissue will give your system a boost and enhance the body’s own natural healing ability. After injection into the damaged area, these ultra-fit cells will get to work and “home” in on the area that needs them most, attaching to the injured tissue. Regenerated cells will secrete exosomes that “instruct” your own cells on how to heal the injury efficiently.

Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cell therapy differs from regenerative medicine, and we do not perform this treatment at our clinic. With this treatment, stem cells are harvested from your own body and then re-introduced to the damaged area. These older cells lack the same healing factors as cells taken from younger tissue, and just like we tend to heal more slowly with age, the healing effect they produce is less efficient. The cells need to be taken from bone marrow or adipose tissue, which is both invasive and painful.

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP)

Another branch of our regenerative medicine practice is platelet-rich plasma (PRP). When your body suffers an injury, it releases a chemical that alerts and activates its protective healing processes. When platelets receive this signal, they activate into healing cells. The more healthy platelets in the area of your injury, the better your healing process. With PRP treatments, a concentrated formula of platelets and growth factors is injected into the site of your injury or pain, thereby increasing and accelerating your body’s healing process.

We will spin a sample of your blood in a centrifuge to distinguish the platelets from other blood cells. The plasma and high concentration of platelets will be injected back into your body. Since the injectable comes for your body, there's virtually no chance of rejection.

If you’d like to learn more about regenerative medicine and how it can relieve your pain and restore your quality of life, call our clinic today at (772) 781-1101 today in Stuart, Port St Lucie, Palm City and all nearby areas in Martin & St Lucie County. Our doctors will create a plan to treat the source of your pain and give you the solution you’ve been looking for.


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