New Patients

Having a subluxation check up is one of the most important health checks for you and your family. 

The Discovery

We call our initial consultation and examination "The Discovery" because during this visit we look to discover the cause of your health concerns.

Health History - A health resume will be completed for your first Chiropractic visit. Your Health Resume tells us about your current complaints, and your history of injuries or illnesses. To save about 20 minutes on your first appointment download and fill out our New Patient forms before you come arrive.


Consultations - We will review your health resume and take a further history of spinal impacts, including auto-accidents, work, recreational and sport injuries, along with the details of your current work and daily activities.

Clinical Examination - Your examination will include a center of gravity assessment, a thorough evaluation of posture, spinal palpation and range of motion. These tests will help determine if subluxations are affecting your health and function.

X-rays & Analysis - Your chiropractic examination may require x-rays. The x-rays reveal the degree of spinal misalignment, the phase of spinal degeneration, significant pathologies, and potential contraindications of care. In our clinic, careful analysis leads to precision measurements. These measurements along with your clinical exam findings enable us to provide you with individualized treatment and optimal adjustments.

The Problem Report

We call the first half of our report of finding "The Problem Report" because during this report visit we want to answer any questions you may have about any problems we may have identified during your initial visit.

Explanation/Report of Findings - After carefully studying your health history and examination results we will provide you with a complete report of our findings. You will receive education about your spine and nervous system and the specific findings relative to center of gravity, posture, ranges of motion, and other exam results. We want to provide you with a clear understanding of any problems that are present.

First Adjustment - After you have received your reports and we have answered your questions, your first chiropractic adjustment will be given (if appropriate). We are certified in a variety of adjusting techniques so we can choose the most effective approach to enhance your comfort and your results.

The Solution Report

We call the second half of our report of finding "The Solution Report" because during this report visit we want to answer any questions you may have about our best recommendations for addressing your health concerns.

Recommendations of Care - At your third visit to you will receive our best recommendations for your care. The recommendations will vary according to the severity of subluxations present, phase of degeneration, your age, current condition, and history of spinal impacts. Your care plan may also include specific spinal and extremity rehabilitation exercises to be performed at home. Our goal is to help you reach optimal health through maximum stabilization of your spine. Once stabilization is attained, our goal is to show you how to maintain your spine at it’s best throughout your life.

Family Policy - We are a family practice and we feel honored to be chosen as your family Chiropractor. Since many spinal conditions can be hereditary and undetected, it is important that family members of our patients also be checked for vertebral subluxation. Many conditions that adults suffer from, were present when they were children. Chiropractic is for kids too! Early adjustments help children grow into healthy adults. Early correction prevents problems that spinal subluxations can cause if left undetected and uncorrected.

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