Suffering From Hip Pain in Stuart?

Chiropractic Stuart FL Hip Pain Relief

Why do I have hip pain?

Hip pain in Stuart can be the result of misalignment, muscular or tendon strain, a labral tear, tendonitis, bursitis, arthritis, or osteoarthritis. No matter the cause of your hip pain, we will determine the correct treatment program to relieve your pain and help you get back to living a life with reduced pain.

If hip pain is causing daily activities to become a challenge, come in and discuss the best treatment options to help alleviate your pain. Call to schedule an appointment (772) 781-1101.

How To Treat Hip Pain Symptoms in Stuart

The first step in addressing your hip pain symptoms is to accurately diagnose the source of the pain.

Dr. Wiedner will ask you questions like:

  • Do you have pain when walking?
  • Do you have pain at night?
  • If you have pain at night - is it when you're lying on your side?
  • Is this a burning pain?
  • Would you call your pain severe?
  • Have you undergone any pain treatment previously?

Hip Joint Pain Relief

When you treat the underlying cause of your hip pain rather than simply mask the symptoms with medication, the results are less pain, greater mobility, and a better quality of life. We can provide hip joint pain relief with either chiropractic care or regenerative medicine. All of the hip treatments we provide are both drug-free and non-surgical, and we will take the time to create a customized plan that works for your unique situation.

Hip Pain Treatment

Chiropractic care is a highly effective and safe hip pain treatment for hip misalignment or pain caused by a misalignment in other parts of your body. But if you have a degenerative hip problem like arthritis, bursitis, or tendinitis, then regenerative medicine may be the preferred option.

Regenerative medicine works to repair and regenerate damaged tissue, cartilage, and bone via injections into your injured hip. Once the tissue is injected, cellular regeneration is achieved through the promotion of:

  • Mesenchymal cells – these are the building blocks, found in umbilical tissue
  • Natural Growth Factors – proteins in human tissue that aid in cell growth
  • Cytokines – specialized growth factors secreted by your immune system
  • Exosomes – cell secretions that instruct other cells how to heal the body
  • Extracellular Matrix – a network of macromolecules including glycoproteins, collagen, and enzymes that boost cell adhesion and cell-to-cell communication

How Regenerative Injections Make a Difference

As we get older, we tend to heal from injury more slowly because of a decrease in the number of cells that produce the components that make efficient healing possible. These include proteins, mitochondria, cytokines, growth factors, and exosomes. Youthful cells collected from donated umbilical cord tissue after a healthy cesarean section have the cellular fitness and elements required to trigger your own body’s healing response and reduce hip pain. This tissue has yet to develop its own immune system, so the potential for rejection is virtually zero. Only the highest quality tissue is accepted for donation, and both mother and baby are monitored throughout the pregnancy to ensure the most effective regenerative treatment.

If you are looking for effective and long-lasting relief for hip pain in Stuart, Port St Lucie, Palm City, and all nearby areas in Martin & St Lucie County, call us today at (772) 781-1101 for a complimentary consultation. Our doctors will identify the source of your pain, and give you the information you need to confidently move forward with treatment.


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